Website last updated 03 August, 2010

L Scale

The L scale is a linear scale displaying the log (base 10) of values on C or D, depending upon whether it appears on the slider or the stock. It ranges between 0 and 1. Logs from 1 to 10 can be read directly, and there are simple rules using scientific notation for logs of numbers outside this range.

Read tutorial on finding logs and powers of 10, with the L scale.

An L scale on the stock and another on the slider can be used to add, but this is only accurate if the two numbers are within a couple orders of magnitude of each other, and perhaps no faster than doing it in your head.

Read tutorial on adding with the L scale.

There is an inconvenient but general method for finding any number to any power using L and C, if you have no LL scales or the calculation is out of their scale range.

Read tutorial on using the L scale to perform exponentiation.